Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A new friend

I run 4 Is a "movement" that I have to say is a great movement! Tim Boyle  (Founder/Executive Director of “I Run For) started this January 2013.They match children/ adults with special needs with runners all over the world, they are called "buddies".  The children/adults are motivation to run faster or longer or reach personal goals and the runners, run for the kids who might not be able to run or even walk.  I just recently found out about this group. I decided to throw Hannah's name in the hat! Within 3 day we were matched! We were match with a awesome runner name Megan!  If you have a special need family member or if you are a runner  and you would like to join please check out the link I run 4 and for more information about the movement please check out Tim Boyle blog!
 Its been a few days and Megan has been running for Hannah and I have to say Hannah is already Megan's biggest fan! She is so excited whenever I tell her Megan posted a picture for her or has run for her. Although you are matched with "strangers" these "strangers" quickly become friends and even part of the family! We are so excited to watch Megan grow stronger, become fast as a runner and meet all her personal goals. As a mom I am excited to see a complete stranger became a true friend to my daughter. I am honored to call Megan my friend and I feel so blessed that someone we don't even know wants to support my little girl! I think this part of our journey will be one of the parts that last a long time and will become very special to Hannah. Thank you I run 4 and Megan for looking for ways to pay it forward, an offering love and acceptance to all types of children/ adult with special needs.


Day 1
Day 2

Day 3


  1. It is truly my pleasure. Being a part of the site and the IRUN4 community has changed my life. I waited since Jan 4th to get my match and as soon as I saw Hannah's face I knew we will be forever friends! I cannot wait to get up every morning and run for her and show her the things I see along the way. She is teaching me determination and I hope to share new things with her also. She is a beautiful little girl and I want to remind her of that every time my feet hit the road for her :)

    1. Again Megan we are very thankful for you!! We will be cheering you on every step of the way!!