Saturday, January 26, 2013

God is so good

 Normally I write about Hannah, but the last 2 weeks for our family has been a bit on the roller coaster ride. My dad was scheduled for a biopsy last Wednesday, he had one back in July and all when smoothly, however this time was much different. There were complication and his lung was punctured, which in turn made it collapse, the biopsy was done because there was a large mass on his left lung.... seen on an X-ray that in itself was scary. The worry Dad might have cancer was so devastating...then when we spent 9 days in the hospital with daddy was almost more than Mom and I could handle. Healing for daddy when slow, days passed one by one and we just waited. This past Wednesday we received the results from the biopsy.... that day was one of the most stressful days of waiting in my whole life. About 11am we received the wonderful news the mass was NOT cancer! It felt as though the world was lifted off my shoulder. I spend 7 days praying as hard as could, asking the lord to please heal dad and we would receive good news regarding the biopsy. I spend most nights up thinking about all the things daddy has done for me, all the special times we had shared.... he is the first man i ever loved, he is the one who let me sleep on his belly, taught me to ride a bike , always tells me how proud he is of me , taught me to be a strong women who speaks her mind. He gave me away on my wedding day... I was praying he would be around to teach Hannah some of the things he taught me! I have always been a daddy's girl and I wasn't ready to give that up! As I reached out to FB, I was so humbled by all the wonderful friends/ family I have who prayed for daddy, who offered well wishes. I truly felt the lord presents and healing for daddy. I know I have soo many wonderful people to thank, I truly know it was because of all those prayer daddy is ok! I am just looking forward to many more memories and special moments for our family and especially Hannah and her Poppy!


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goodbye 2012

As we say goodbye to 2012… we look forward to the new year, 2013… we look forward with a renewed hope , a strong desire thing will get better or stay good, the issues from the past year slowly fade to memory and we look forward to new and exciting experiences….  I am hopefully optimistic for growth and maturity… things with behavior will get better; we will start to understand how important it is to listen to adults so we will stay safe. The past few months have been pretty good. Things seem to be turning around… Thanksgiving and Christmas were wonderful. We did a lot of stuff as a family and we learned some new things. Hannah turned 6! We had a party....with a bounce house and friends, cake and gifts. We celebrated for 6 days... since we were off school for thanksgiving break! We did a lot of fun things. As Christmas got closer Hannah got very excited … we looked at a lot of Christmas lights. We decorated 3 Christmas trees… we baked a ton of cookies and we had a lot of fun, very special moments I will always cherish. Hannah also received an academic award from school. She is excelling full speed with all the academics. I am very proud how smart she is and how hard she works on her school work. There is so much for us to be thankful for, we tend to lose sight of the good stuff sometimes, because the “bad”  stuff clouds our vision. I think this year we will focus on the good things and we will learn to deal with the “bad” with less stress. Hope everyone has a wonderful 2013!