Saturday, May 17, 2014


So we went to the eye doctor yesterday, and the time has come for Hannah to get glasses, we knew she would need them , we just weren't sure when (everyone in my family wears them) . My hubby and I both have horrible vision so we have made sure to keep up with eye exams. her vision isn't that bad, she is far sighted unlike me , I'm blind as a bat with out contacts or glasses.  When it came time to try on glasses Hannah did pretty well but turned out there weren't any that fit her just right so we chose to go elsewhere. Well today was the day we were going to go and pick out Hannah's new glasses and get them ordered, with in 10 minutes in the store she had chosen 29 pairs she liked... Yeah it gets better!!! Then as we start to try said glasses on she begins the rejection process , I tend to play by Hannah's rules to prevent any unnecessary drama however that back fired today, as she rejected the  first 20 within 2 seconds of  trying them on, she started to lose the enthusiasm she had when the adventure started. By pair 25 she was crying and yelling " no glasses for Hannah , I don't want any"  so I let her cry and pout for a few minutes on the floor of a crowned large eye glass chain before stepping up and being the one in charge of the "game"!!! I stood her up, gave her 3 choices (to which she said no too all three) then I narrowed it down to one pink pair and one purple pair! She wasn't happy about it but she chose the purple pair. There are things Hannah doesn't like and trying something new is one of those things. Once the glasses were chosen, we went to the counter to get measurements and she did really well. Then the sales person asked Hannah to put on her new glasses so she could see how they fit, once again the tears started and it really wasn't pleasant.but after a few ooooo's and awwwe's she came around and started to look at her new self in her new glasses. This is just another part of the journey. This is just another hurdle we will over come and another adventure we will laugh about later in life.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Some days

There are some days I forget Hannah is a kid with special needs and then there are days it states me in the faces . And honestly I get very overwhelmed.. I get upset with my self when I get upset with her because I know there are emotions she doesn't understand, and she is not able to deal with them... Today was one of those days and my patients was super thin and we had a lot of ups and downs. I love my daughter and her disability is  part of her but honestly I hate the fact I am unable to help her deal with the emotions she is feeling at times.. Days like today make me sad and even though I know there are many parents dealing with it I feel very alone and unequipped to deal with her.  She was very moody today she went from playing in the sand box to swinging to crying and screaming all in about 30 mins then back to being calm reading books to being upset (crying) she couldn't watch TV . These are the days a special needs mom looks forward to bed time Separation anxiety and social/ emotional delays are exhausting. But I know that it will get better and we will both grow and learn to cope together.